Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michael 101

I love my husband and I feel like writing about him.  Did you know that he went to BYU Hawaii and graduated in art (3D sculpture).  He's pretty amazing at recreating the human form.  He gets up in the morning with the kids if I need to sleep.  He's a germ freak.  He won't pass the sacrament tray by the handle and he won't let his bare feet EVER touch the floor (shower floor included).  His sister even made him socks to fit his slippers (see pic above).  He is the best dad ever.  Within an hour of his arrival home, the kids are both laughing uncontrollably as he contrives some new game with them.  He can entertain any group of kids with only himself as a prop and no prep time.  It's weird.  He's fiercely loyal.  Once you're in good with him, you can do no wrong.  He wanted to be an actor for years.  He probably still does, but I've never seen him act.  He's currently very happy in the business world.  He never wants to work for a boss again.  He's very protective of me and the kids.  He has themed weeks.  Like this week was his snap-button shirt week.  Other weeks are no jeans, or only striped shirts, etc... .  He has a fabulous and trim physique.  He doesn't eat much.  He hates HOT showers.  He says he likes MY butt and I think he's serious.  MY big butt.  I think he has super powers cause I get pregnant if we stand too close.  He's proud of that.  He enjoys friends and thinks fondly of his glory bachelor days in Hawaii.  His friends there called him Diehard.  He loves to surprise me.  He doesn't do dishes or bathroom duty.  He takes forever to poop.  He's a softy with our kids.  He's not a fan of all kids.  His beard is red and only grows in patches.  He loves his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, niece and nephew more than any man I've met.  That's how I knew he'd be such a good spouse.  He's kind of a genius at finding answers on the internet.  He educates himself via the internet everyday.  He seems to know all the current events.  He lets me go out on girl's night whenever I want to.  He likes to spend all his free time with me and the kids.  He's a light sleeper.  He likes to snuggle.  He won't share his nail clippers.  He can't live without chocolate.  He's generous with money when he can be.  He says every night that its my turn to say the prayer.  He doesn't read books.  He likes watching the Hills and America's Next Top Model with me.  He lets me dress him occasionally.  He hates to spend money on himself.  He supports me in all the goals I make.  He never ever yells.  He spits in the toilet every time he pees.  He lines even our toilet if he sits on it.  He's faithful to God, to me, and to the family.  He's a free spirit.  He's confident.  He's not a procrastinator anymore.  That's a miracle, by the way.  He puts a lot of hours into his church service.  His employees genuinely like him.  I think he's a "cool" boss.  He enjoys his work and his partner "an 11 out of 10."  He drives slow like an old man.  He's crazy-observant visually.  He tells me to "Look!" all the time.  He plans on being rich.  He's a light sleeper and a great snuggler.  Course over.  Michael 201 sometime in the future.  


Brimaca said...

He must appreciate your candidness too otherwise he'd not love you posting he "takes forever to poop." :)
Great post. Glad to know more about him.

Sarah said...

He sounds great. BTW: He better like our kids if he wants any turkey! Let him know I will vacuum extra well just for him, and clean the bathroooms too, I usually do that anyways ;)!!

Amy S. said...

What an awesome post. I love it.

Catie McGee said...

You make me laugh...he takes forever to poop LOL. Josh always tells me it's my turn to pray too. I keep telling him i'm gonna make a schedule and post it on the wall.

tawnya said...

One suggestion. Rock paper scissors before prayers. You can't question rock paper scissors...

Ollie said...

I think the poop thing is really just a man thing. Really, if you don't need to poop when you go in the bathroom, why did you go in???...hmmm, maybe he should write Summer 101...that could get interesting!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Wyndam also spits in the toilet when he pees. Why? That is to funny. But I expect you to get a hold of me. NO SLACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac and Sarah said...

I remember those socks!lol. We enjoyed reading your blogs by the way!

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So I used to think... I used to think it was my world. Maybe Michael thought it was his. But we have been re-educated. By a 4 year old and a 2 year old. It's their world. We live in it.

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Birth of Child #1
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Birth of Child #2
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  • She roams wildly during church and has become quite the scavenger approaching anyone with food. Its embarrasingly adorable!
  • Quincy's vocab has exploded to include the words, "please, thank you, outside, sucker, candy, Avery, Grandpa, slide, ride, hold you, ni-night, water, bird, doggie, airplane, etc.....! She seems so little!
  • One of the most "wow" things she has done is climb one of those HUGE blow-up slides and slide down REPEATEDLY, ALL BY HERSELF!!!
  • Quincy (with great effort) threw the upper couch cushions on the floor and then proceeded to dive off couch, climb back up, repeat.
  • She says"I want: cookie, go, this, that, drink, wa-wa, play." She also says no, baby, hello, bye-bye, and peek-a-boo. And of course she says "Mom and Da."
  • Quincy talks a lot now. But first thing in the day and then 100 more times: "I want coo-kie." Very telling about her love affair with food.


  • A day after being educated, Avery pulled down his pants and touched his boyhood saying, "Hey Grandma, these are my private parts." HA-larious!
  • (After using the bathroom) "I made a waterfall. Then I made it stop."
  • "Hey Dad. This is my [invisible] friend Caillou. Will you be a monster and scare us?"
  • "Grandpa, what's in your belly?" says Avery. Mom says, "What do you think is in there?" "A baby?" guesses Avery. "Nope. Just lots of cherries," says Grandpa Schaefer. HAH!
  • Quincy was crying in the middle of the night and Avery said, "Take a deep breath, Quincy." It was sweet.
  • Quincy was screaming like a pterodactyl for Avery's food, so he snapped "Chill Out Quincy!"
  • In Avery's first attempt at being a smart-a, he was playing with his friend Jaden Knight and we were asking the boys their full names. Avery responded that his name was Avery James Day. Might have had to be there.
  • Avery still tries to stick his hand down my shirt. When I won't let him, he occasionally asks if he can stick his foot down my shirt instead.
  • I told Avery that Heavenly Father lived in heaven. He thought I said he lived 'with Kevin', so in alarm he asked, "With Kevin and Melissa?!!!"
  • Avery was out cold and we had to go. It was odd how I couldn't wake him, so I threw him over my shoulder and started heading out. All of the sudden with startling gusto, he yelled "I see Jesus." I thought he was a visionary, but turns out he woke up just as I walked past a picture of Christ.