Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exercise is a Four Letter Word

(b/c that is what I'd rather be doing.)

I have every excuse in the book not to exercise.

1. We can't afford fancy gym daycare.
2. Michael works a lot at 6 am and I'm not about to get up at 4. I like (understatement) sleep.
3. I'm exhausted at night. Plus, its the only family time we get, so I'm not interested in leaving to bust my butt.
4. I pee my pants. Thanks to birthing Avery, I have moderately severe incontinence. Like I can't run, or do the elliptical, or walk too fast, or jump, or laugh, or lift too much, or get scared, or blah, blah, blitty, blah . . . without inking myself. It sure discourages me from parts of life. But when I'm determined, I diaper up and change often. Cool.
5. I HATE exercise videos b/c I'm sadly a modern girl who needs music, a book, or a movie to muscle through an hour of torture. Sometimes I'll do them. :(
6. I worked out for MONTHS with ZERO results. I dieted for MONTHS with ZILCH shrinking. I have lost a few pounds with drastic measures, but I quickly gained the weight back. So now, I'll start up again for a few weeks and think this time will be different, but I soon lose motivation (not pounds). I still have hope something will work.

BUT, I laid in bed the other night praying and brainstorming, and here's what I got: Exercise bike. I did some research on how to get a good bike workout. AND there's no pee, no gym, and no restrictive schedule. Thank you Ollie for letting me borrow your bike while I figure out if it's worth a buy.
I'm doing 50 minutes daily of sweaty, sweaty cardio (incorporating intervals). And I'm doing Weight Watchers (again). After 3 days of diet and biking (drumroll) ............. I have gained 2 pounds. Sweet. And I'm having flashbacks of past efforts. But of course its much too early to give up. You skinny folk might not understand, but sometimes, for some people, its not simply a matter of cals in and cals out. Cross my fat heart.


tawnya said...

Sorry, Sum. That sincerely blows. I really liked our bike. I don't remember why we got rid of it...oh, yeah. It was seriously cutting in to my laying around time.

Summer's World said...

T-HA! Someday I firmly believe this weird weight nightmare will end. Till then, whatev. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't consistently try to LOSE weight, I'd be larging it in a double seated wheelchair!

The Robbins said...

Summer, you are the best ever! I was totally waiting for the *drumroll*, I lost two pounds! I'm sorry it went the other way. Sadly I am totally with you in that department. I love when you blog, your so entertaining! Sorry exercising hasn't gone well so far, but hopefully something will work and you can get motivated. I sure have none. :( Hang in there! And keep blogging (if for nothing else, to entertain me) :)

Jackie H said...

This made me miss you.

Brimaca said...

When I started my weight loss stuff almost two years ago (wow! been a long time) I had the same problem. I worked out and did WW for two months with no weight loss. I went to the Dr. and he said for women it often takes three months for our metabolism to change. Around three months the hard work started to pay off and I lost 2-3 lbs. a week until 65 lbs. was gone. I still needed to loose forty when I got preggo, but I plan to get right back on and hope that it doesn't take three months again since I still work out every day now. So sad you can't run, it's the fastest way to loose weight. I hope the bike works, it should. The RPM class at the gym boasts a 700 calorie per hour burn. I wanna try it too.

Summer's World said...

Mer-Thanks! I'm glad it entertains you, thanks :) Helps me see the humor in life too! I'll keep you posted if I find any safe but miraculous cure! But Mer, you look GREAT!

Jackie-Thanks! That's sweet. We could sure use a little Herrin up this way in our ever quirky ward!

Brittany-I've never heard that, but WOW! Thats sucks that it can take 3 months! I exercised reg. for 9 months with no results, BUT I wasn't dieting with it. And I've dieted for 2 months here and 2 there. Sheesh! Good for you that you hung in there and lost the weight!!! That's awesome. I needed to hear that so I keep going!

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