Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sweet Life!

To blog or not to blog. Always a question for me. Remember just last year when blogging was a new and trendy thing. Definitely not a mom in sweats thing. It even seemed a bit risque. And now I have joined the world of blogging like most others of my generation to chronicle my life and maybe catch a small audience of friends on the way. I'm still learning to navigate this world. I just figured out how to change the font color! But, in my opinion, blogging absolutely knocks the socks of old-school scrapbooking! I refused to join that club.
And while we're remembering life before fire, let's look back to the pre-Tivo days. Once you go Tivo, or DVR, or whatever your pleasure, you'll NEVER go back. For a trivial monthly fee, you are FREE! FREEDOM from the chains of cable. You can watch as you please and only what you please. Forget the commercials or the scenes you need to censor. No more a slave to choosing between your child's cry or the season finale show ending. You can record, pause, rewind, fast-forward ANYTHING, not just what you've decided to record. And its all without the clutter of video tapes. But it does cause a bit of remorse when you catch something too late on the radio or in class and realize you can't rewind.
And then there's the cell phone thing. Tweens even are endowed with them! I'll admit that while it does give a feeling of safety and convenience in certain pickles, mostly I like the lack of boredom while driving or shopping. Someday, I'll probably be appalled that I used to drive and chat just like we shrink at the thought of our mother's driving sans carseats!
I am afraid that I will be coming upon a new bit of technology that I may become addicted to. It almost makes me want to put off getting one, because in some ways, ignorance is bliss. I'm referring to the Apple I-Phone, of course. We certainly will get one soon, due to my Sugarbritches insatiable desire, but until then we will be content not realizing what we don't have. It includes an mp3 player (another invention I quite enjoy), a phone of course, full internet access, and some crazy applications (games, lights, GPS, music identifier thingies, etc...............). The world is competing to make to-die-for apps and I'm certain some of them will join my world on a daily basis. Competition breeds genius!
Makes me hope this end of the world thing doesn't come anytime soon, because there prob will be no blogging or cell phones or Tivo or I-phones. Maybe not even land lines and cable and email and microwaves and grocery stores and cars and planes and disposable diapers and (gasp)straighteners! It SHOULD (but doesn't) occur to me daily just how spoiled I am!


tawnya said...

sing it sister!

(and I fully believe in the end of world scenario where tivo still exists...)

The Knight Family said...

It's too late! I already can't live w/out it. I am typing this message from my iPhone while nursing my little one. Now I can multitask. I don't think I can go back.

Brittany Osborn said...

Ha! Love this post. Post more often. I need your candid sense of humor. My husband even listens to little excerpts I pull to read. Now that is saying something.

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Birth of Child #1
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Birth of Child #2
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